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Get Odin the Cat to Canada (x)


So I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about fundraisers from me, but my sister has a pretty important cause going herself, and it’s urgent!

My sister Sarah is currently away studying archaeology in Greece on the small island of Poros, a tiny community that is absolutely swarming with stray and feral cats, many of which are in terrible condition. She met one of these cats, dubbed Odin - scruffy, underfed, blind with a massive infection in one eye - and fell in love. 

After several weeks of befriending him, she contacted a rescue group and had them transport Odin to the vet. They removed his eye, saving his life, but my sister realised that leaving him to fend for himself any longer would be a death sentence.

So, she decided to bring him home. Unfortunately, getting a cat from Greece to Canada is not cheap. She needs help, and she doesn’t have long to do it. Her university exchange ends in a few months, and she has to come up with $500 before then.

Please, help my sister get this cat off of the streets and back to a loving home. Every bit helps, and signal boosts are appreciated.


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